Review for Personalized Oneshots.

Personalized Oneshots.

(#) Ah-beer 2013-04-07

Name: gabriela (prefers to be called by gabby)

Email (I'll send you a copy first to make sure you're happy with it):

Pairing (If any. Please stick to MCR): frank&me

Plot: it's my 21th birthday and we go out to las vegas and i wake up in a bed next to frank with a hangover and a ring on my finger starts off with em being pissed and him not being as drunk as i was (but we discover we have feelings for each other) so we see where this will take us

Height: 5'3
Weight: 120 pounds
Hair color: light brown
Hair length: reaches my below my chest
Hair style big loose waves
Eye color: big chocolate brown
Clothing type (IE: Skinnies, dresses, ect?): skinnies, sweats and band tshirts
Personality: talkative, stubborn, short tempered, sweet, and insecure
Health issues you want included?: occasional panic attacks
Piercing/tats: sparrow that goes across my right wrist
Hobbies: cooking, painting, playing the piano, reading (i'm a big book worm c: )
Likes: chocolate, music, stupid lovey doevy movies which she forces frank to watch
Dislikes:has a lot of fears i can't even name them but the biggest is her fear of the dark (catch my drift ? fear of the dark? iron maiden ? no?)
Anything else (I'm sure I forgot something): nope thats about i