Review for Channel Hopping

Channel Hopping

(#) whatkatydid 2006-11-20

I'm just gonna go ahead and sign the divorce papers and marry you as soon as possible. It's the only option I have left.

This was an amazing amazing chapter, I really love the deep side of you and you cease to amaze me with your insight and attention to detail.

I'm in the mood for lists today, I'm in the mood for standard praise. It's the cycle y'know?

One thing I can't believe though, Pete Wentz is dead. My Monday morning couldn't get any worse...ha!

Inspiring. Truly. Seriously. I mean it.

Author's response

Alex, the Relationship Wrecker. I kinda like the sound of that. Better than "Asshole Spice" actually. ;) Thank you. I´m just gonna be all wentzy and assume that you meant to type that I never cease to amaze you. ;) Thanks for sharing. AGAIN. ;) Oh, go complain to Garfield.