(#) LabRat 2013-04-11

After reading this again, I have to say that I really like Gabrielle's character.

Interesting take on Hr/Luna. And really, the thing that pops out to me about that would be brainy birds being naughty, shy girls hiding incredibly kinky sides, and just how wild that potential relationship could be.

Never did like Marietta, glad she got the ax.

Author's response

Hey LabRat

Gabby’s a blank sheet. One of the best Harry/Gabby fics is HOPE by Jeconais. There she’s still the sweet innocent, but she has a mind.

I’ve never met a brainy bird who didn’t’ have at least a little kink inside, and here, you have two of them. (Snicker!) H/Hr/LL is hard to write and at the same time easy. I think they all balance each other out.

Marietta is a personal dislike with me. She betrayed the DA and while she apparently had orders, she could have hedged. Umbitch wasn’t that bright. The otehrside is; she was a disposable character. A real shame Rowling never put much effort into developing her characters. I think it could have led to a much more involved and entertaining story.
But that’s just me.