Review for Chattel


(#) ILikeToRead 2013-04-12

Pretty poor excuse for a wife after all Harry had done and sacrificed for her. Thanks for sharing!

Author's response

I didn't mean to show Eveline as a bad person. She was fifteen, and not meant to be any more self-centered than the typical teenager. I tried to portray that, but judging by your and similar comments, I should have had at least one more conversation between Hermione and Eveline, showing even more that she's scared for her future and unsure of how to act like a good wife even if it's not to the husband she wanted.

Hmm... If I'd done it right, that could even have added to the angst factor: showing that even though she's a mostly good person, her situation is getting worse partly because of her own limitations.

Thanks for the review.