Review for Chattel


(#) LabRat 2013-04-13

Dear Lord, this was like reading a Harry Potter version of Twilight in the teen angst area....okay, that's a gross exhaggeration, but you get the point.

Aside from that, I think it was a good portrayal of the different ways people are capable of dealing with situations. Harry, having grown up and survived shit like that could just deal with it. Hermione, having an adjustable moral compass that let her lash out at stupidity was a good fit for helping him. Eveline was just a teenage girl, who hadn't had it all that bad previously, and didn't have the stomach to deal with things...though admittedly, her situation was bad.

I'm very interested in seeing some Avenger Harry, and I certainly wouldn't mind seeing Harry and Hermione's reunion. It should prove to be decidedly amusing.

Yes, I agree that was a very bad analogy in you AN, even if it was pretty much the truth. I can't count how many ideas I've had spawn from reading just Odd Ideas, never mind his other fics.