Review for Revenge Artist

Revenge Artist

(#) monstrice901 2013-04-19

Update! Ye-es! I'm happy now.

King just keeps getting weirder and weirder. And he apparently has a thing for straddling the people he's threatening/killing. And kissing them. He is a very kinky man. Interesting how he decided to find Matt's guy though, despite previously saying he wouldn't... Hmmm. Very suspicious.

And this is really stupid, but I love the fact that this is actually set in England.

Dammit though - no Matt Sanders! (This is where you shoot me for dropping not so subtle hints for more Bratt) Meh. He's remaining as Tuck in my head.

Actually, it must be said, Matt is be a damn good artist if he can actually draw a face that's recognisable. I really do pity him though - get the feeling he's in way over his head.