Review for Addict For Dramatics

Addict For Dramatics

(#) pixied_secrets 2006-11-20

so, i'm like the fifth reviewer this time. there is a reasonable explanation, but it's a long story that i can't cut short so i'm just going to hope that in the spirit of the DoJ you can forgive me. but hey, i still beat alex. i think.

anyway, a nice list from me to you:

1.) thank your for the non-MCR reference. i'm not a big fan of them (hate mail can be sent to me via my contact button on my profile. i'll argue the atrociousness of MCR and Hawthorne Heights to the death)

2.)/After probably the most awkward car ride of my life, save for the time Joe drove me to a clinic to purchase birth control so I could have consequence-free relations with his best friend. / haha. i could almost picture the awkward atmosphere. i love it.

3.)/I, the poor hairdresser-not the almost famous, epically tragic Emo God-paid the bill. / i don't know if you meant to or not, but that alluded to Pete's carelessness with life. at least it did to me. i dunno, i tend to read into things too much.

4.) usually i'm not a big fan of the "this is how these lyrics came about" because it's usually just overdone and cheesy, but this was so well written, and the song pertains to the situation so well that i could only be in awe at it.

5.) i think it's realistic that she wasn't hesitant to let Pete kiss her, and it can be accredited to the past they share.

also, if you don't feel like you can write smut then don't. i love your story even without secks. how fucked up is that?

Author's response

Of course I forgive your tardiness in honor of the DoJ...and because we agree that MCR is terrible and their CDs should replace toilet paper. OK, maybe not, but I'm sure you can appreciate the analogy I was shooting for.

Did I mention I heart your reviews? For serious. They always put a smile on my face. And I get the feeling that if you didn't like a chapter, you'd definitely rip into me, which is a good thing.