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Learn to Fly

(#) killjoy_blackrose 2013-05-01's so strange that this story is oved. it's been a familiar thing popping up on ficwad time and time again. i have this horrible habit of never actually reading chapters...i just skip over them so i get the hang of what happened. and then i'm way too lazy to log in and review. i'm horrible like that!
but as of now and considering what i know of this-damn you put so much effort into it. that alone makes this freaking amazing. how you managed to do this. this practically a book. you should edit out mcr and get it published, seriously.
okay, i'm rambling, sorry

xo k

Author's response

Well thank you for reviewing now :D and thanks so much for reading. Honestly, don't worry about not reviewing every chapter, I don't need that :D like, of course I love getting reviews and if they're good I get happy and if they're bad obviously I'll get sad, but I'm not one of those people who need seventy reviews on every chapter. Sometimes I start to feel like no one's reading though and then I feel like what's the point in posting.... but really, don't feel bad :D
Fan fiction should not be published as a book, I stand firmly by this. You are not the first person to say that though. But I think we all learned our lesson from 50 shades of gray....