Review for The Younger Potter Twin

The Younger Potter Twin

(#) smargden_2005 2006-11-21

Thank you for the chapter,
It's nice to keep going into the story as it forms.
As most om the "registring-book's" are "magical" WHO - ? - Is ouer "HARRY" now. "Harry James Potter" or?.
Yes he have taken a new body, he have told Albus who he realy is - hat mening he "identify him self" as WHO?.
OWL's are "seeing" who the mail is adressed to.
But - that is not a key to the story - but things to be taken a thought of - sometimes.
And again - loking forvard to chapter -5-

Author's response

Any magical object would see him as Henry John, as that magical signal was modified by Harry's magic, not totally changed by Harry's magic.