Review for The Younger Potter Twin

The Younger Potter Twin

(#) RedawgTS 2006-11-21

This is certainly much better than Triwizard Redux but Harry is showing a little too much knowledge and power for an eleven year old with amnesia. And I hope you don't do anything creepy with the pairings like have Harry date his mum, start dating too early and he should most definitely not having sex too young. Too common is the problem of Harry falling deeply, madly in love with some (who all too frequently becomes his soul mate) at an early age in time travel fics like this. I really hope you won't fall into that hole.

Even though we've seen next to nothing of Mrs. Potter, from the way she admonished Harry on the platform, I like her already. I have no feelings for Mr. Potter either way right now and I hope you expand their characters a bit later on as I'd like to see more of what they are like.

Overall I think this is a good story so far and I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter.

Author's response

Well, Harry isn't either 11 or an amnesiac, nor a particularly gifted actor, should anyone get suspecious. Harry won't have sexual contact until he's 14, and that if all off camera anyway. As for the soul mate, well. . . .