Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) taxzombie 2013-05-20

This is without a doubt one of the hardest to read chapters of a HP story I've ever read.

Not because of the style of writing, which is solid.

Rather it is the content. The mental picture that is created by this chapter has me cringing. Imho I have an excellent imagination which unfortunately easily comes to bear in this chapter.

It is only knowing that Harry will return in future chapters that allowed me to finish reading this, one time.

I say once, has I have read this story more then once. I have it on my computer and, from time to time I find myself coming back to reread it.

But every time I do, I end up just skimming the first chapter for a bit then jumping right to chapter 2.

It hurts too much to 'relive' the 'death' of Harry Potter, a fictional character. It is too vivid to read more then the one time.

Very well done.

Author's response

Hello, Taxzombie,

I must say thank you. Such a visceral reaction tells me that I’ve been doing something right. I wrote Harry’s death intentionally, both to grab the reader’s interest, and because I knew where the abuse could lead. As I indicated in my author’s notes, I lived that kind of abuse, and I had to face more than a few personal demons when I wrote the damage done to our hero. Believe me, it was as difficult for me to write as it was for you to read.

Don’t be too worried about skimming over the painful parts, there are a lot of things I prefer not to watch on the movies my daughter likes, simply because I’ve lived through many of them.

While Harry is a fictional character, he is also the embodiment of each of us. I think that’s why there are so very many excellent fan-authors in the world. Each of us sees something of ourselves in Harry and each wants to let it out.

That you have taken the time to transfer this story to your flies is also a complement of the greatest sort. I feel a story worth reading is worth reading again. That’s why I have as many books as I do. (over 4000 at last count) Over my lifetime, I’ve read all of them at least twice, many of them, a dozen times or more.

Thank you for your kind words.