Review for Artwork


(#) SyraStrange 2013-05-29

Did you ever see "this": ? It's basically Gerard's first note on the band breaking up. The idea of Harry Houdini was always a staple of MCR since the cover art of Bullets, and I always made me think of dying, hanging and being dead and shit... This is dark, dark and sometimes too real. I want you to know people do see the art we create. It's not something you need to prove to any fucking one, okay? It's yours. Art is weapon and it's yours to posses. I know this is only a story, but as a fellow writer, I know how writing reflects. This is makes me squirm with unease and it's fucking awesome, cos I think that was the intention. That, and a lesson. I appreciate what you do here, got it? Don't ever stop.