Review for Feels like drowning

Feels like drowning

(#) momiji_neyuki 2013-06-17

So this friend of mine tells me about this amazing story on Ficwad called Playing With Power. Naturally I have to make an account here in order to read it and of course it blows me away! Then I decide to post my stories here to becasue not everyone reads on AO3 right. So after talking to my friend again she tells me that the writer put up more amazing stories so I go and click on their name to see what they wrote and I find Feels Like Drowning. Now where am I reading that fic, oh yeah, AO3. Of course you have a different alias there than here, but I figured out that is is still you. ^-^

Author's response

Ahahaha well I'm glad you found my stories on here too, I keep meaning to transfer them over to A03 but I haven't had the time yet :') I noticed there's a lot more writing going on over there but I feel too loyal to ficwad completely so here I am on both... and I despise my authors name on here so there was no way I was going to keep the same one on A03 XD