Review for Feels like drowning

Feels like drowning

(#) sagazi 2013-07-08

Gosh another great chapter! You're amazing at making my feelings go like a damn roller coaster xD I was so scared when franks tail didn't appear! And then with the siren, gosh she sounds just like a siren to me xD. Kinda reminds me of the mermaids in pirates of Caribbean(and they're fucking badass) and then it felt like you wrapped me in a big blanket and brought me hot chocolate and cookies with the last bit where frank came home :'D you are amazing~

xø Liva

P.s I think Gerard's gonna get his alien fantasies fulfilled soon~

Author's response

Ah thank you! I really wanted to make the Siren seem to be something different to the merpeople since they're much more dangerous :')
And ahaha Gerard's alien fantasies better be fulfilled soon or I'll be pissed at myself :'D