(#) CelticKnight2004 2013-07-08

Absolutely brilliant story, if a little disjointed. Wasn't the 'My Little' Destroyed when he popped the reactor?

Either way, love the plot. Found parts quite funny. Looking forward to the next update, this is now on my favorites

Author's response

Hello, CelticKnight.

Thanks for the kind words. The My Little was indeed destroyed when he overloaded her core, but like all time travel stories there has to be some incongruity. Time travel itself is an exercise in paradox. Technically he is sent back to well before she is destroyed, and so she isn’t. On the other side of that particular nickel, is that he’s sent back a thousand years before she was created and so she wasn’t…

Headache city, man!

What I’m playing on here is that his being sent back he’s gonna need the My Little for the final act of this little drama, and so, being as he’s sent back, he gets to keep her…

I’m glad you like the plot and thanks for faving it. As for mixing funny and dramatic, that’s how I do things.