(#) Teresa 2013-07-13

Now who would have thought Voldy's favorite scent would be lavender? If he was going to go with floral I'd expected poison ivy or venus fly traps or strangulation vines......something that had a sinister side. Shrugs, you just can't tell about dark lords and their quirks. Who's going to break it to Dumbles that soap and water was "the power he knows not"? I have to admit that showers have seemed a little creepy to me since the first time I saw Psycho....... Hmmmmm, it is true that both Voldy and Norman Bates had problems with their parents. Perhaps Harry should send Dumbles a lemon scented soap and trust that lightning will strike twice in the same place! Many thanks for posting this! :)

Author's response

Hello Teresa!

Hey! Even despotic semi-immortal psychotics have their soft side.

There are so many plot bunnies here!

~Who's going to break it to Dumbles that soap and water was "the power he knows not"?~

Not me!

Great movie…and a literal benchmark for those that followed.
Parental issues, I suppose you could include Severus, Lucius and Bellatrix as well. Except they’re fried.

Could you imagine how Tommy would have turned out had Bates’ mother raised him? (Looks both ways in abject terror) I’m gonna go hide under my bed, now.

Soap and water, Hmmm? Oh, Severus?
A lemon scented booby trap…there’s an idear!

“Oh dear, I do so love lemon…oops!”

Glad you got a tickle.