Review for There is Only Power

There is Only Power

(#) KariMorganaBlack 2006-03-23

I found that I very much enjoyed this story, but there was one thing that bothered me a bit. I noticed that you seemed to have some problems with punctuation errors. More specifically leaving out commas, or not putting in a period or a comma and a connector (like and, Nor, For, etc.) or a semi-colon. This is just one example that I noticed: "Ok take the end of the line between Blackthorne and Battlemaster Ed's cadre. Keep an eye on that flank. Oh and Mad Eye, try not to lose any more pieces of yourself you're already ugly enough." Said Harry with a grin. There should be a period after yourself and You're should start a new sentence. shrugs It's not a big deal, really. I just thought I'd point it out for future reference.

Author\'s Response: Thank you for the comments. This is what i hoped to get when i posted. High school grammer class was a very long time ago. lol I really want to improve my writing but have a hard time seeing the problems sometimes.Glad you liked the story :)