Review for Starving for Attention

Starving for Attention

(#) blitzy 2006-11-22

at was awesome!!! And I have three questions:

1. So, do intend to be a professional writer (in some capacity), right?

2. Can you mail me some of your talent? I'm fairly sure you have enough to spare. lol

3. Do you read fanfic and if so, what kind?


Author's response

gaspers Questions! I love questions!
1) I actually don't intend to be a writer as a full time profession. My heart's work is in international relations. In short: I want to help the poor people. I will never stop writing however and do hope to be published someday. It's a dream of mine to make young writers as much a part of pop culture as young actors and singers.
2) I can send cookies! Speaking of food, I hope your having a lovely thanksgiving!
3) I am proud to say I have been a fanfic junkie since the tender age of 10 years old. lol. I'll read anything that sparks my fancy, Harry Potter being a fave because there is so much potential for new ideas it's insane. But fanfic is a lot like music for me, it's not about the genre, but the song (or story) itself. We should get together on AIM and chat about it, lol. drowsygrrl80s is my s/n. Thanks so much for ur review!!