Review for As Days Fade, And Nights Grow

As Days Fade, And Nights Grow

(#) japulapu 2013-08-19

DAYUM SON I DID NOT EXPECT THAT SON OF A BITCH WOW INCREBLE MIND FREAKING BLOWN. Well I guess if I think about it now, I could see the signs and yes woah what a plot twist. I fell hoook line and sinker for the 'I love you Em' idea but your turned it around oh my god it was brilliant. This is a really really interesting developement to say the least. Wow, still reeling from the after shock. I loved this chapter so much, this gives so much potential for your story.

Argh, I know: writers block sucks. But you can overcome it and don't give up this story unless it's completely necessary. I completely love Em and his story is funny and captivating and I really enjoy it. This chapter was especially hilarious and shocking and I adored it. It was really refreshing and was a break through.

Author's response

I'm utterly happy I have not disappointed you! I've been working on the next chapter for a long time, I know, but this time it's less due to writer's block and more thanks to over-active flood of ideas.
I got a few things up my sleeve, all of which involve messing things up quite a bit, and I really want to watch out and resist ruining the story with too much shenanigans. But for now, I think it's OK seeing as though a couple of the past chapters have been quite boring. Honestly, they have.
But I'm a bit of a boring person and that has got to show in my stories at some point, lol..

I've been mostly working on getting the new chapter on Affection and Genocide out, it has been an iffy little bitch to write, but as soon as it's up, my full focus will be on updating this story. The chapter is half-written and shouldn't take long.