(#) MarauderJim 2013-08-22

I have enjoyed several of your stories, and some several chapters into this, I realize I am guilty of not letting you know the work is appreciated.

Just wanted to tell you I have been enjoying this new tale, and look forward to its continuation.

Thanks for the writing you've done ... it's been enjoyable (I have read Jedi Potter twice, so far, and will probably read it a third time soon.) Looking forward to more!

Author's response

Hello MarauerJim!

Don’t worry about it. I usually get one review for every hundred people who glance at a story, and unlike a few I’ve seen, I abolutely refuse to hold a chapter hostage. I think only a very few of the best FF writers, get a higher percentage of reviews than that.

I’m very happy you’re enjoying the ride. I often find the trip is more fun than the destination. This story is almost done, two or three more chapters to tie up the ends, but I will have more soon.

JEDI: I am thrilled. For someone to read my stories once is great. For them to read it again is wonderful, but for someoen to read it over and over is, as my daughter would say; Freakin’ awesome! That is what a writer hopes for and so I thank you so very much. Tell your friends! Tip the waiters!