Review for Would anyone like a oneshot?

Would anyone like a oneshot?

(#) FightingForever 2013-08-22

Can I have one please?

I was thinking, if its alright with you, that Frank and I are assassins and I get hired to kill Gerard because he knows too much. Frank is dating Gerard and isn't very happy about me killing him so its like a race against the clock to see if Frank can catch me in time or does Gerard die.

You can choose the outcome but I really don't mind if I get shot or killed in some other way because it'll be all dramatic and shiz :) oh and my looks are pretty basic too. I wear black to blend in, I have shoulder length black hair, hazel eyes and I'm like 5'4 and not skinny but not definitely not fat.

I hope that's okay? Thank you xoxo

Author's response

It sounds good, I hope I can do your idea justice! I'll get started now.

Xo MeeMee