Review for Would anyone like a oneshot?

Would anyone like a oneshot?

(#) -Veronika- 2013-08-23

Name: Kitty Way

Age: 6 :D (I miss being that age.)

Appearance: tiny as fuck, big dark brown eyes, jet black curly hair to my chest with a thick fringe

Other people in it: Gee and Mikey

Plot: I was thinking it could be one where I'm their younger sister and it's WW2 and their in the war. They're thinking of me and keep having flashbacks of us doing things together (ie: teaching me how to ride a bike, comforting me from my nightmares, going sledding with me, playing tag with me. . If you have any ideas feel free to add them in). In the end they come home and it's full of happy fluff. :)

That's about it. Thank you! c: