Review for Would anyone like a oneshot?

Would anyone like a oneshot?

(#) AmericanHorrorStory 2013-08-23


Okay. Okay.

Pairing: Waycest. I'm sorry, I adore Waycest, shoot me but I do. Let's make it a little better. Waycest with hints of Frerard, Gerbert, and GerardxAdam Lazzara. (Whispers I want Adam Lazzara all for myself, jesus that is an attractive man.)

Plot: Mikey reminisces about Gerard's boyfriends (Frank, Bert, Adam) and how he always comes back to his brother. (Like, lots of flashbacks.)

And, uh, yeah. I might ask for two, if that's okay? Haha yeah selfish bitch over here.

Author's response

I love you. And I love Waycest, omg. But I've never written any. Are you still wanting that pairings? And can I get some info on Adam Lazzara. Like his general backgroundy stuff?

Xo MeeMee