Review for Would anyone like a oneshot?

Would anyone like a oneshot?

(#) ArsenicAutumn 2013-08-23

Ooh! Ohh! I want one too! Hmmm... but I don't quite know what I want. I have a general idea but no idea for a plot. Here's what I have:

- Focused on Gerard, maybe Mikey and Frank make appearances (Not really necessary to me)

- No pairing.

- Would love to have it take place during his older teen years.

- Tragedy. For some reason I like to see really sad things happen to him even though he's one of my favorite people.

- Insert: I'd like to play the role of a friend if you decide to go that way. Here's a basic description:
Name: Andi
Age: 16
Hair: Dark brown and down to shoulderblades in length. Naturally curly.
Eyes: Dark brown but lighten and darken with mood.
Height: 5'1
Body type: Hourglass
Other info: has scars on arms and also has burns from branding with hot lighter when I was 13.
Personality: Mostly quiet, though can be hyper after drinking a lot of coffee. Very perceptive. Looks at the few friends she keeps around like family. Worries constantly about them.

That's all I've got.