Review for Channel Hopping

Channel Hopping

(#) pixied_secrets 2006-11-24

i love that you are giving us his history. he realizes he's dead, but i thought he would freak out a little more. but, he already realized he doesn't bleed, have to go to the bathroom, or get hungry so it probably gave him a little relief (not the word i'm looking for, but it will have to do) now that he has the answer to his questions.

ah, and giving him two channels=genius. his past is going to be a fun one. but i'm waiting for him to maybe see the present again and how everyone is holding up.

i also love how the time seems to go by so quickly. it adds to the supernatural factor, or at least it does in my mind. the time thing still gets me, though. if it were hell, would there be time? damn you for making me use my brain. it hurts.

i love you.

Author's response

You´re right, it´s a bit... hm... STRANGE that Pete´s not freaking out upon learning that he´s really dead. My explanation is that yes, he´s kinda suspsected it anyway due to the lack of human needs and also, it´s not gonna do any good, is it? He already smashed the TV and the mirror. And he still feels bad. Probably he´s too rational in a situation like this. But hey, it´s fiction, right? ;)
Well, since I called this "Channel Hopping" I need to have at least two channels, I guess. ;) Yup, he´ll be hopping back to channel 1 eventually. That´s the plan. I´m happy I thought about this countdown thing too. It makes things a lot easier from a narratological point of view. Well, the time passes so fast because I also do not like to use my brain so much and I just can´t think of all the things Pete could be doing in a boring room like this one and I don´t wanna have him spilling out all his thoughts so early in the story. Well, PETE thinks it´s hell. ;)
I kinda fancy you too. :)