Review for Channel Hopping

Channel Hopping

(#) patrickdance4me 2006-11-24

aw this is sad. poor petey. if he's dead, then i probably just killed myself too or am seriously crying. wow. thats weird to think about... i hope pete doesnt die anytime soon, cause that would be uber sad. :[
but this story is awesome, so update soon!

Author's response

First I wasn´t sure if I should even post (as in just write and it but never post it) a story like this because it´s... well, let´s just call it risky. I mean Wentz is dead in here. But yeah... I figured people that read my other stories know that I´m a tongue-in-cheek kind of person and this is just trying to do something new and original, I guess. Even though the dude gets on my nerves with his egocentrism sometimes, I think he must be an amazing person in real life. I mean I do write an ENTIRE story just about him and let me tell you, it ain´t easy either. ;)
Thank you for your interest in this story. I appreciate it muchness.
By the way, you and I are the ficgals with dead people in their stories. We should get together and have a seance with crystal´s balls... I mean a crystal ball sometime. ;)