Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) NobleK 2013-09-03

"Albie got around the monitoring charms, by not actually saying: “Crucio.” "yn llethu artaith!”is Welsh for ‘overwhelming agony’ (Free Online English to Latin Translator) Effectively the Cruciatus, but with a different name. Albus Dumbledore is, after all, a politician first and foremost…the lowest, most unscrupulous form of criminal life on Earth." Considering what polticians have done to my country(Ireland, c. Summer 2013, I COMPLETELY agree with you! transfigures ex-Taoiseach into bug and squashes it

Author's response

Shakespeare was right. “First, we must kill all the lawyers” Macbeth, act I, scene II (I believe) however I prefer to use the word ‘Politician’ instead of ‘Lawyer’ because Lawyers have some use.