Review for Hindsight


(#) NobleK 2013-09-05

"The list of things that his future self had given him had been completed. The horcrux's destroyed, Voldemort vanquished. Pettigrew captured, Black cleared and Lockheart humiliated.

Draco Malfoy had not returned to Hogwarts after the holidays as the potion he'd been given had wiped out his entire personality and memories. Severus had told Narcissa how Lucius had tried to protect the boy in the end and hoped she did a better job raising him this time.

Salazar Slytherin had paid another call to the hexed frame in his quarters and they had discussed both remaking Slytherin house and the basilisk under the school. They had agreed that while the wily founder would give hints to the Chamber of Secrets it might be wise to prevent Harry from finding the snake for a few more years. Severus sighed he could only hope." Nice one, Professor Snake!! :-P Oh, and good riddance to that ponce Lockhart; I hope he gets found out soon!!