Review for Channel Hopping

Channel Hopping

(#) xloveorsympathy 2006-11-24

Wow, another great chapter im thinking this is one of my fav's so far, i love how you can just seem to get into his head , which gets into our heads and it feels like were there, is the word descriptive? i dunno to many words out there for me to choose from. Cant wait to learn more about Pete's past with laura.

xxoo :)

Author's response

Your fav, really? Cool. :) I´m a bit skeptical ("sceptical" for Katy) about the latest chapters because... I don´t know. They kind of lack "it". Nah, well. Well, I take "descriptive" any day and thank you very much for it! :)
Thank you for this encouraging review. This really means a lot to me. (And let me point out that you have a username that is very fitting to the kind of reviews you write. :) )