(#) Wonderbee31 2013-09-20

Wow. Another amazingly well done story that will entice me to read it over and over again lol. Great to think of Tom in his little Dumbledore statue heading to the astronomical equivalent of hell, and could imagine Dumbledore heading to the same place. Seriously, JKR really messed things up with the character there, to the point where I think she just didn't expect him to become very reviled by the fandom, at least the ones I know of. Must say its a great idea to think of Harry having a happy ending, up to including his little bookworm getting saved as well, and that he will finally be able to maybe be just Harry for once in almost ten centuries of life. Again, well done, and grateful to see another well written story from you. Top of the charts!

Author's response

Heya Wonder!

It always tickles me to find that readers like my wordcrafting well enough to read more than once.

Tom: Can you imagine a more humiliating end than being trapped in an icon meant to glorify your nemisis?

Hell: Precisely. Dumbledore, probably, metaphysically speaking.

JKR messed up: I agree. JKR made the three most common and most warned against errors in writing. She introduced a last minute plot twist, she used Mary-Sues and she didn’t do her research or develop her characters. I attended one of my sister’s psychology classes a few years ago, and Dumbledore was thoroughly dissected. The general consensus was that due to the actions he’d taken throughout the series, especially where Harry was concerned, he was, at the very least, a sociopath, with more than a few students voting for full-blown psychotic. I wonder if he would be a psychological case study some years down the road.

Happy ending: I always try to have a happy ending, unless it’s required for the story…and I could never consider sacrificing the My Little. I developed her.

Harry: basically, yes. He will grow up with Hermione in a hopefully better world (wizarding, at least) and they will learn and love together, each healing the other’s hurts.

It’s interesting how this started out as a much shorter story than got posted.

Thank you for your kudos. Never got a top of the chart before.