(#) zamia 2013-09-20

Thanks again for another very enjoyable read David. Very different and original way for Voldie to depart this planet. At last Dawlish pays for his trouble. I think we mentioned this before. You can just see Dumbles on late night TV spouting his fundamentalist and bigoted views and asking for donations. Nice happy ending. Take care mate and hope to read more in the future. Cheers.

Author's response

G’day Z!

You are quite welcome. While a great deal of work, it was a lot of fun to write.

Different: Well it had the benefit of never having been tried before.

Dawlish: I don’t like Dawlish. Even in canon he struck me as an over confident ass. I only wish that he’d ignored Dumbeldore’s warning in Book five. It would have been fun to see him turned into a goldfish or something. Here he pays for his decision to support Voldemort first with his magic, and then wth his life.

I can. Dumbledoe walks on the stage, with a glitterinig halo hovering oover his head. “Friends…”Saye he in a southern accent. “Gawd, has told me that it is for the greater good that y’all send me your entire life savings!”

Happy endings are more fun, but I will occasionally write one that isn’t so happy.

Until next time…