Review for Back in the day...

Back in the day...

(#) DemolitionMinerva 2013-10-23

hnnn you have noo idea but... This story has helped me through so much. I just got done reading it for the third time and wow. You captured the characters' personalities perfectly! I love how detailed it is and just the whole story plot is asdfghjkl sexymazing. I have to admit, the ending didn't agree with me tho... I cried the whole way through and was seriously almost sick... It messed me up for a week or two and I may have over-reacted but I guess that's what a great story does to you :3 and I know this is kinda late, but, whateve.

Author's response

I'm glad you liked!! Sorry about the ending, but I generally prefer brutal ones as opposed to corny ones so yeah... Thanks for reviewing - doesn't matter that it's late! And sorry, but there's no sequel. I don't even listen to my chem any more, so it's unlikely I'll be writing any more about them any time soon.