Review for Getting a Clue

Getting a Clue

(#) pjgarlach 2013-12-30

Fun Story! I do thing McGonagall is SLIGHTLY underestimating the appropriate distance to be from them when they find out about the love potion had they been dosed. I would not want to be in the same Multiverse as them. Harry may be beyond powerful but I would much rather have him after me than Hermione. She is SCARY!!!

Author's response

no no love potions at all here ... while Molly does want to see her children happyu she fully consideres bothe harry and Hermione to be as close to family as they could be ... she will be disappointed about their choice as will Ginny and very confused by their relationship when she eventually finds out (needless to say that none of her immediate family have ever been involved in the subculture) but in the end as a good person she will accept that they are happy and thats all she wants ...

Ginny and Ron either Will or are in the process of growing up and as part of thast comes an understanding that dreams are just that ... tho Ron has Luna and you can bet that she will keep him well in line and satisfied