Review for The Younger Potter Twin

The Younger Potter Twin

(#) Skoell 2006-11-25

great chapter, again i can't rate because it is already too good rated...

how far will this story go? until henry/harry's seventh year? until riddle is dead? until government has been thrown over? can you at least give an estimated idea how long harry will be in the past?

will harry stay alone? or will he eventually find a girl for him? in earlier chapters you had some mentions of narcissa, but nothing came from it until now...will that change or was it some other idea?

Author's response

Most of your questions have been answered in previous reviews. There will be 17 chapters, going through the August right before the start of this Harry's 2nd year. He's 'stuck' in this time stream and cannot 'go back'. The 2nd part of chapter 17 shows 'the future' (June, 1998). Harry's mum will arrange a marriage for him, to give him some emotional stability. (Certainly NOT Narcissa, although if I had matched Harry and Lily, I might have matched James and Narcissa).