Review for Community Studies (Not a story)

Community Studies (Not a story)

(#) RyanCyanideKiller 2014-02-27

1, How did you get into fan fiction? Honestly, it was through reading an amazing story from a site (it may have been this one?).

2, Have you notices a popular catagory? Like, that people enjoy writing about? Supernatural seems to be really popular, as well as fiction about bands.

3, How popular do you think the world of fan fiction is? Depends on the fandom. Supernatural and bands it's probably pretty opular, but in like video games and such not so much.

4,Is there any advice that you would give new comers into the world of fan fiction? Don't knock what other people choose to write about. No pairing, no fandom, no OC is better than another.

Author's response

Thanks for your help. I much a preciate it.