Review for Tigresses


(#) BF110C4 2014-04-08

Great end to an excellent story. I was really sad that Thor died in such abrupt and meaningless way, but then again most teen deaths are unexpected and senseless, and the way your Daria internalizes everything unless she's with Jane fitted her perfectly.

As Daria said in the epilogue, her life had a little more see-saws than most, including the double deaths of Daria's and Jane's husbands, but it was a most satisfactory end, although I would like to see what happened to Quinn as well, since the rest of the family is not mentioned and she had her own drama to survive that year and the next one, including the effect on her future career choices and personal changes she went after she discovered how creepy having devoted thralls can truly be, nothng like being almost raped and having people hurt on your name to take other feelings seriously.

Finally I would like to ask that if you feel the inspiration someday to add the NC-17 details of the story as a separate story (for those who can't or do not want to read them in the main fic), there is never enough Dariaerotica on the net...

Author's response

Thanks for the thoughtful review; I appreciate it. If the fic had been written for this site or a similar one instead of the now-defunct Daria fan site, it likely would have been at least a bit more graphic. who knows, I might be inspired to do something like you suggest