Review for Tigresses


(#) Kairan1979 2014-04-09

Wonderful ending to the excellent story.
You masterfully used and modified the canon, showing us where the most of Daria's and Quinn's insecurities came from.
I have do admit that after reading about Lawndale Review I've searched YouTube to find all the songs you've mentioned and tried to imagine Lawndale students performing them.
While it was said that Thor suddenly died (I half-expected the revelation that Sam and Chris did something in revenge for exposing them), at least Daria isn't alone. Jane will always be with her.
I'm glad Trent's band didn't waste their chance.
I wonder what happened to the rest of Lawndale cast you didn't mention in the Epilogue.

Author's response

Thanks for the review; glad you liked the story (and the review). I confess I saw the others pretty much as seen in the closing montage of 'Of it College Yet'.