Review for Thank You

Thank You

(#) alligatorpie 2014-04-21

Hey, love. I've recently been having kind of a tough time with everything going on, so I logged on to my old ficwad, just for some familiarity and routine. I've been rereading a lot of the stories that I wrote, that you wrote, and it's helped me out a lot. I read the authors note that you wrote at the end of a chapter, where you talked about drinking a lot and trying to kill yourself, and I noticed that you haven't been active on here in a while. I got a little worried, so I thought I'd drop a review here and let you know that someone out there still cares. Hopefully you're still using the same email address, so you'll get the review notification. I hope all is well and that things have improved for you over the past couple of years. Much love,