Review for Forgiveness the Size of a Bathtub

Forgiveness the Size of a Bathtub

(#) Madilayn 2006-03-25

I'll admit here and now - I'm a passionate Remus/Sirius shipper and puppyfluff and puppysmut will automatically make me happy.

That said, whilst I did enjoy this story, I felt it moved from forgiveness to sex just a little fast.

We have Sirius begging for forgiveness, and Remus forgiving, but then, with no warning, BAM! And we're left not even knowing if Sirius does love Moony or if it's just lust.

Maybe it's just me, but I like to see a little more foreplay.

Great grammar and spelling - only one problem - the correct word is "flew" not "flied".

All in all - yes. I really liked this one and am glad I found it.