Review for Sets of Three, They Say...

Sets of Three, They Say...

(#) FrostedGlass 2006-11-26

"[…] You make Patrick mad; you prepare to feel the rain. No one wants to feel the rain. I promise." -> Mad Patrick = excited Alex. On various levels…

"[…] I promise you. Patrick's rain is nothing like Meg's." -> Yes. I don´t think any man´s rage can be worse than a woman´s. Let´s face it, we have PMS… and toy guns.

Meg nodded, and gave the spatula to Katy, who began flipping billions of pancakes -> Katy does have this motherly thing to her. I mean when´s not slapping me or taking people´s virginity.

"Tell her if you're going to tell her." Pete looked at her, then back at Meg, struggling to make the situation as serious as it wasn't. -> Ha ha, are we drama-conscious? Still in love with the narrator´s voice.

Meg´s “rain” (to Pete and Mal) is cute.

"How about neither one of us goes? How about we just stop caring? I think we should try those. It would be better for baby Patrick. Probably better for us too." Mal closed her eyes, letting her head fall. -> Ah, Meg really likes Patrick. That´s why she´s so disappointed and hurt.

"Sure, the singer makes the ladies swoon, but really, it's the bass player that takes them home." -> As a fellow bassist, I second that notion. Tru dat.

Meg´s note Patrick is so realistic. Love it.
Also, I remember the knocking on a table part from the signing classes I took. Thanks for reminding me of that. ;)

Thank you for typing up that long-ass chapter again. It was a lovely read! You rock the plonk out of the glass and directly into our greedy little mouths. What an odd picture to end a review with.