Review for For want of a hat

For want of a hat

(#) Kallitrix 2014-07-22

I find it hard to believe nobody stumbled across this and rated it, or reviewed it, but this is one of the best Phoenix Wright fanfics I've ever read. It isn't the usual 'Yaoi' fanfic, which is alarmingly numerous, and it isn't the 'just a new case' style. It's a god-blessed AU! Something that the Phoenix Wright community has in small proportions and even smaller great ones. This takes what actually happens in the case, and amplifies the badassery. I humbly approve of this fic as it has made my day. Great work Griever, and a sequel to this would be great, especially with Wright's reaction to Godot. Or the disbarring, or the first AJ:AA trial. Any of these done as a sequel to this would be awesome. Please do!