Review for Pokemon: Eevee Chronicles

Pokemon: Eevee Chronicles

(#) WhiteLotus92 2014-07-30

It's definitely and interesting and original take on the story. I'm eager to see more. I've always wondered how things might go if Ash had gotten one of the alternate starter pokemon that few trainers would get. I am curious however as to if you plan to have Eevee evolve or not. Cause like Pikachu, Eevee does evolve from means other then simply leveling, and from so many factors as well. Part of me hope you do, but at the same time I keep thinking that Ash won't want Eevee to change, just because it's expected to evolve into something. You know the old say, "I can evolve into almost anything, but my trainer loves me just the way I am." Quote from a fan art I saw. I'm kinda eager to see how things go when Ash meets his friends that follow him along, if you choose to have them do so..... Anyway, I kinda went on a rant there, great job, I look forward to any updates you make. You my new friend, just got yourself a follower.