Review for Channel Hopping

Channel Hopping

(#) pixied_secrets 2006-11-26

/The one in the middle rubs his thighs with his palms and finally brings his hands to his face, rubbing them across his eyes and cheeks a couple of times./- i pretty much cream myself over stuff like this. showing an actual patrick character trait. it's realistic and it provides ambiance to the whole setting.

i love the way you chose to display Pete's life, and how the technicalities of his life are being figured out without him.

i love pete describing patrick, and letting his ego speak for him for the most part, bashing patrick a little bit. again, very realistic and another one of those annoying character traits.

i'm going to have to agree with Katy on this one. you are raising the bar, twat.

on a totally serious note, you are doing amazing things with FanFic. i envy you. in fact, if you didn’t live in Austria i might have kidnapped you and made you write and claim it for my own.


Author's response

Thank you for the praise on Pete characterizing Patrick and at the same time indirectly characterizing himself. Because that´s actually why I wrote it. Not so much as to picture Patrick but as to let the readers get a better insight into the way Pete´s thinking and ticking at the time being.
Please, kidnap me. So I can get my hands on a pack of roofies , change my name to Baldwin and show you a(n unconciously) happy time. Strange too...?