Review for It's Good to Feel Remorse

It's Good to Feel Remorse

(#) ladysavay 2014-09-17

This wa s a fresh take on taking down Voldemort, and I liked it. the only thing I didn't like was the unfilled plotholes. Did Albus go to the graveyard and get Voldie and Wormtail's body? Did they ever find the real Moody? Was he still alive, when they did? Since they found a newly dead Wormtail, was Sirius cleared? You kind of alluded to it, but never really said. Is Harry now living with him? How did Fudge, the ministry, and the public, react to the news that Voldemort tried and failed to come back, and is now gone forever? Is Harry now even more famous as The Boy Who Killed Him? So many threads were left dangling, that it really interferred with my enjoyment of the 'happily ever after on the beach with his babe' last paragraphs. My advice? Maybe pull it, fill those ending story plot holes and repost it. I think it would be a much more satisfying story with an ending that didn't leave the reader forever wondering.