Review for Sincerity's In, So Don't You Sound Like You Mean It

Sincerity's In, So Don't You Sound Like You Mean It

(#) MMMramen 2006-11-26

Oh Pete and Belle. They're so complicated, it's great. I'm hoping they'll work it out, but with you and your twisted brain, who knows.

Greta leaving, seriously, almost brought me to tears. I don't want her to leave, but I really want Patrick to hook up with Elise, thus adding even more complicated-ness.

One thing I noticed, was how detailed this chapter was. The way you spun your words left me with such a vivid picture. Crazy. I loved it. Keep shatting out those elephants.

Author's response

yea, i'm strange. it would take away from my over all appeal if i actually took the normal way out of this mess.

the Patrick and Greta scene...that was a mess to write. I tried throwing in Patrick mannerisms, but that whole scene is very "not patrick", so it was kind of a pain in the ass. but i wanted to see a romantic patrick, and i'm a pretty selfish person for the most part and i try to write for myself. so...

shatting. i'm so in love with you...

... would you like a roofie?