Review for Horcruxes Lost - Souls Regained

Horcruxes Lost - Souls Regained

(#) bobsama 2014-11-28

Well that was unexpectedly interesting! Also makes a dark side of Hermione--killing her own savior (1st year) so to kill the Dark Lord. Only criticism would be that I think Riddle/Voldemort gave up his horcruxes far too easily that neither side realized the possibilities. Likewise, Voldemort would have been smart to keep one (or more) of the horcruxes in tact. That way, if he died (in any form) he could be revived.

Author's response

Yeah, I see what you mean. I didn't want to give too much away and spoil the surprise, but I was perhaps a little too sparse with the details in that area.

I've tweaked things a little and re-uploaded, hopefully providing a clearer justification for Tom's actions. And maybe a slight (very slight) hint at Hermione's suspicions.

While the details were clear in my head, I didn't explain them as well as I should have. Thanks for the feedback.