Review for Channel Hopping

Channel Hopping

(#) howshesews 2006-11-26

Okay. I'm doing this from my phone. I caved. If the grammar and spacing and......well, everything, is off. Don't be surprised. Wait. I'm incompetent with typing even when I'm not doing this shit on my phone. Nevermind...

Anyway. Love, love, loved thism I can really feel patrick's sadness...and I'm sad for him. Bah. I feel like the phone is robbing me of my intelligence, and it's pissing me off. Poor laptop. Anyway. I think it's funny when pete makes reference to the dolls. And how he points out how unnecessary patrick found them. I can totally see patrick being like...girls are going to sleep with this and stuff...we don't need the dolls.

Great chapter. I'm proud to be your doj sister. You're writing puts yogos to shame...and that's saying a lot...

Wow. I just did all of this from my phone. I'm the shit...

Author's response

Phone´s robbing you off your intelligence and the internet´s robbing me off mine. Let´s start a club! Wait... we already did. DoJ twitch indicating confusedness and lack of intelligence
Yeah, the dolls... I don´t know. Maybe I just don´t know because I can´t get my hands on them here in good ol´ Austria. Forget I said that. (The "good ol´" part, I mean.)
Thanks, your phone review puts my toaster review to shame. ;)