Review for Sincerity's In, So Don't You Sound Like You Mean It

Sincerity's In, So Don't You Sound Like You Mean It

(#) FrostedGlass 2006-11-27

Just to use a phrase you´re overly familiar with: You´re the shit, Crystal!

The ambiance in this chapter (especially in the beginning with Christian and Belle & later with puking Belle & Peter) is stunning. Have a FUCKING rating point for that. (Also, next time we AIM I´ll return the “smiley favor” to you. You vixen.)

Onto the details…

"You have reached the voicemail of phone number six two two-" -> Ok, Crystal, so you´re not willing to share private Patrick information with us? How can you not give us his whole phone number?!

I love the paragraph "I can walk by myself, thank you," […] Once she felt okay she brushed his hands off her and made an attempt to walk towards the door. -> Despite not having been drunk once in my entire life (I´m not kidding when I´m saying I´m boring), this strikes me as completely authentic behavior of a drunk person. Also, it clearly shows Belle´s stubborness. (Blah, blah, wants to be independent. She can´t even go to a bar on her own…)

Thank you for not having Pete hold back her hair while she pukes. No offenc/se but this cliché always makes me puke. ;)

From the way you describe Greta (through the eyes of Patrick) I kinda gather that I do have my chances with you. You vixen.

Damn you for making me melt to the sweetest line ever: It [Patrick saying “I love you.” to Greta] was perfect… far better than any melody that could ever be produced. Damn you for making Patrick and Greta the best couple ever. Damn you, vixen.

Also, right now I can´t be bothered with videos (not even of FOB) or Loveline. I have stories to read, review and finish. Not that anyone cared to know that.


FrostedGlass: CeCe, is it really ok for you if we use “Ready for this” as our anthem?

LOVELA: Why, OF COURSE! I´d love that.

FrostedGlass: Are you sure?

LOVELA: I insist.

FrostedGlass: Ok, not gonna argue with you.


* This fak- SLIGHTLY ADAPTED copy of a conversation CeCe and I ACTUALLY HAD counts as a legal document in all courts of the world. In all universes. In all insane asylums, too.

Author's response

i'm not exactly sure why you keep referring to me as "you vixen" but i kinda like it.

i actually thought about the voicemail part. i was going to have it say "Hey, you've reached Patrick's blah blah" but i decided to go with the automated voicemail. i mean, if i were a rockstar i would have an automated voicemail. and then i would kick pete out of the band.

the whole drunk belle scene was fairly easy to write. my freshman year in college...

anyway. why do i always write from patrick's point of view? let me answer this for you simply: 'cause i can. and it makes you question my sexuality, which in turn, is just fun. (:O)

are you willing to sign the TPGS petition now? sarah is going to go to the Hush Sound show with me just so that we can give her this petition and hope she takes our advise.

i must admit that the "OF COURSE!" was very CeCe-esque, and you fooled me for a minute. you plonkster