Review for One Wizard Too Many

One Wizard Too Many

(#) Bronze 2015-10-23

At the end of the Tri Stupidity Harry should go to Gringgots and check exactly what is very likely being hidden from him before getting the f*ck out of the country without telling the old goat molester. Upon arriving in his new country RENOUNCE HIS FORMER CITIZENSHIP AND APPLY TO HIS NEW COUNTRY. Should the old molester attempt to force his return to Hogwash asylum, it'd cause an international incident. Head of the ICW or not! He has no authority to force a citizen of another country to go anywhere if they don't wish to go. Hogwash is the safest school in the world?! Tell the old fraud to put the crack pipe down and get help! That place has been and always will be a death trap for Harry Potter as long as Dumbledork is Headmaster of it!