Review for Asymmetrical Warfare

Asymmetrical Warfare

(#) Bronze 2015-10-23

For an up close and personal look at what one of these can do to a simple flack jacket see Mail Call. I personally see nothing wrong with introducing ALL Tom's Death Eaters to said device. Next on the menu should be NAPALM in the 55 gal. drum size. Of course should you want them to enjoy the burn a bitt more add to the petrol with, oh, say, lighter fluid, coal oil, things along those lines. Really turn the heat up. Now if you want to play really dirty, take what makes hot peppers hot, concentrate it to the extreme and spray it in their eyes. Hey, they enjoy causing pain to others. It's only fair they get to enjoy it themselves. If I dood it I get a licking but I dood it anyway!! Find it and enjoy where it comes from! :)